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Winter fashion trends for men

This winter there are a number of unique and highly fashionable trends that are quite popular, specifically for men’s clothing. These trends may be in line with your personal style or they may not be to your taste, but take a look, you might just be swayed to try something new.  Oversized sweaters This winter […]

5 style rules for men

With special emphasis on how to dress for winter Believe it or not, there are men who dress in the first-thing-that-falls out-of-the-wardrobe style. It is for their benefit that I bring you these five style rules. I am placing emphasis on winter, because we are entering the cold season, and because it is notoriously difficult […]

What to wear in winter

Trendy winter fashion do’s It’s all about layering and finding the right balance this frosty season.   The skinny jeans Match your skinny jeans with dark colours and a pair of eye-catching boots or compliment your skinny jeans with a leather jacket for an instant polished and edgy look. Leather jackets are a must for […]

Choosing the right colours for your skin tone

Kinds of Skin Tones Determining what colours look best on you depends on which season your skin tone is: Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring. Both Winter tones and Summer tones are “cool” skin tones with bluish undertones. Summers may also show cold pink undertones. Autumn and Spring tones are warm skin tones and have greenish […]

Why We Love Boots

It’s about winter-time and that means boots! From over-the-knees to lace ups, you can find all types on bidorbuy. A snuggly pair of boots is a very clever way to look chic but still stay warm on a cold winter’s day. Wear your boots with skirts and sheer tights to epitomise this look, or try […]