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New year’s eve: black & sparkle

Need a New Year’s eve party outfit? We’ve go you right on trend. It just makes sense that celebrating 2013 should be done in as much glitter, sequin and shine as possible

What a stud!

Studs have made a come-back, and you’ll find them on everything. To get the contemporary version of this trend right, combine with contrasting, classic silhouettes like these sleek be-studded dresses.

Prim & proper

It’s one of the most popular and easy to wear trends right now. And even though it’s very prim and proper, it’s a fun way to dress. Get the lady-like fashion trend with Miss Able on bidorbuy.

Fabric trends for Summer 2011

  Let the lovely summer breeze in with your fabric choices this summer. Choose sheer, lace and holey crochet fabrics, and don’t forget sun-drenched denim. Click on the title links to find items in theses fabrics on bidorbuy. Denim This summer, denim is not just for jeans. This hardy fabric is made feminine in light colours […]

The Spring Sale has sprung

The Feel Good Spring Sale opens today with an abundance of happy Springtime things to bring you out from your dreary Winter melancholy and into the sunshine and fresh air again. If you feel like you need a few pick-me-ups, have a scroll through the sale. You might decide to plant a garden of pretty […]

Why we love lace

Why do we love lace? Because it’s just so pretty! From classic vintage  to crisp, sheer and modern; lace is a versatile fabric that easily adds a delicate twist to an outfit. I spent some time searching bidorbuy for some lace-y lovelies to show you. Lace is huge this Autumn and, if that isn’t a good enough reason for […]