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Why we love the wrap dress

The crossover dress, often called the wrap dress, is worshiped by women of all shapes and sizes. Crossover dresses work particularly well on apple shaped bodies, but that’s not to say they don’t look wonderful on all other shapes. If you’re thinking sexy, feminine and classy; this is it. Why We Love it: It gives […]

Why we love vintage

Vintage fashion is not for those looking for a quick-fix outfit. It’s for the fashion adventurer. You need skill to rummage around and find the right pieces, you need style to know how to put it all together, and you need patience to learn the look. The end result, however, is an utter delight : […]

Meet Alison

Hi, I’m Alison. Welcome to my Fashion blog on bidorbuy. It’s a place to discuss trends,  ask fashion questions and share ideas about the world of clothing and style. So, if you have any fashion, style or clothing related questions, feel free to ask right here. If you’d like to share some of your fashion […]